Upcoming Updates

Hey Nutters,
So a few months ago I decided it was time to update the Squirrel Logistics Website.
This means that
  1. There will be a whole new updated look for the VTC
  2. Smooth Runnings. The update will use new / improved coding to make loading of the website much faster.
  3. Stylish looks.

Along with other changes / updates there will also be new features.
  1. Theory Tests. These will not be required to drive for us but will show on your profile and earn you extra nuts per job.
  2. All new Shop. The old shop will be closed down and a new one built in its place. This will allow you to spend those hard earned NUTS.
  3. All new Dashboard. The new dashboard will be easier to navigate and find the things that you need.
  4. Updated Signatures. The current signatures that you can use on forums and websits are... Well, A little out dated. So we are updating them. (See preview below)

There are many more changes that I will be making.
These changes however will take time as I am a one man band working alone. With my Twitch streaming and day to day life, coding this HUGE update will take a little while.

More updates to come soon.
That is all for now.
Keep on Truckin'


Good News

OK so good news.
I have managed to fix the issue with the submit jobs page.
I have now opened up the forms so that you may post jobs again.
If you have submitted a job that still shows as pending and has €0 and 0 miles then please do not worry.
Myself and the other staff members will slowly go through your jobs and make them right again.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Submit Job Issue

We are aware of the issue when submitting jobs. We have therefore closed the job submit form until this issue is resolved 
I know what the issue is but i am unable to fix at this moment in time as i am away from home. 
The submit jobs page will reopen Sunday at 5pm UK time


Time for a change

Hey nutters,

So it's been almost 3 years since Squirrel Logistics VTC was born and since then we have come a long way.
With over two thousand eight hundred members and almost fifty nine thousand submitted jobs I never expected it to come this far.

Since the day we opened back in 2014 not much has changed with the website.
Yes I have added bits and bobs here and there and made small changes to the layout.
But nothing major has changed.
We still have the same simple to use interface.


The time has come that I feel we need to change.
Brighten the place up. Make it feel more modern, sleak and stylish.
So... Over the past few days I have been working on making changes to the website.
I am still working on these changes and I will be doing so over the next few weeks or so.
I just want to share this little preview with you all and see what you think.

I am looking forward to hearing what you have to say about this.

I have opened a forum topic where you can have your input on the design and give feedback.
Please use the link below to share your thoughts.


Please note: You will need to be logged in to view / reply to the forum topic.


Site Errors

Hey all
We were aware that there were some site errors been displayed earlier today.
This was due to a server software update.
We have now fixed the errors we hope.

If you see any errors on any pages please let a member of staff know.

VTC Staff

Great news!

OK the day is finally here where we are back open for business.
So what was lost?
Well We lost all screenshots, avatars and job submit photos BUT these can be replaced and they are not required to run the website.
We also lost about a weeks worth of jobs, so please check your accounts and submit any jobs that may be missing.
Please note: Duplicate jobs will still be rejected.

If you notice any problems please email Steven ASAP explaining what you did to get the error.
We will still be making small changes to the website over the next few weeks to make sure it performs as it should.

I will keep you posted.

Opening again this week!

We will be back open again on the 3rd December

We Are Back!!!

Well. Almost...
I am still working on some small things making sure we are all clean and polished.
I have dissabled logins and registrations for now.

Thank you all for the support thus far and we will be open as soon as possible.

Planned Downtime

Note to all drivers.
The website will be going under maintenance / downtime on the following dates.
5th 6th & 7th of November
During this time we are backing up the server and database and moving things to a new server.

Should all things go to plan the website should be back online for the 8th of November.

Please follow @StevenKiberton on Twitter to be kept up-to-date.


Don't forget that if you wish to join our FaceBook page you need to click the link below before you will be accepted.
When you have followed all the steps you can then request to be added to the facebook group

Step 1.
Click the link below and follow the prompts

Step 2.
When you see the thank you message you then need to click the link and then request to join the group.
If you request to join the group and you have not followed these steps you will not be accepted into the group.